Art direction for Gravitas Publications covers.

Data Driven Dinner Invite for Accel Partners.

Just a smattering of graphics I made for various design meetups. Stay golden ponyboys and ponygirls.

I've designed way too many tote bags in my life at this point.

Partialized world segment 3D stickers for adults. With glasses!

A few vinyl re-issues of some album art from years back.

Save the date and wedding invite for some close college friends of mine. They had their wedding at the Orpheum Theater in Madison, WI and turned the save the date into a giant poster. I thought the inspirational comps I made for them (before I got the copule's photo) were kind of swank as well. Love these two crazy kids.

My good friend Cecil Porter is Kickstarting a brand new game in 2020 featuring all his original artwork. He's developed an entire world that he's super excited to release into the realm of magical realism. He wrote the story, developed the gameplay and painted all of the characters in oil. I've been working with him to develop the logo and all of the card designs. More to come on this project, get on the mailing list for updates here.

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