Herb & Legend Dispensary

For the past few months I have been working on branding a couple dispensaries opening up in the Bay Area and Los Angeles in early 2020, and it's the most intensive letterform work I think I've ever done. The wordmark is a custom typefaces made entirely by hand that help play up the cool double entendre. Throw in some funky insect vibes and it all feels old yet new at the same time. Everything is still in the build-out phase, but I look forward to stocking up my supply when they open.

Interior renders for the Santa Rosa and San Francisco (North Beach) locations.

The research and development phase of this project is a bit hard to document without getting in the weeds, but there were hundreds of sketches and exploration of all kinds of different letterforms. After the sketches were approved, each direction was original and carefully crafted by me as we went further down the process. These were the final three marks, and while I would have been happy with any of them, the last one finally won out.

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