As Creative Director for Giftly, we made wooden nickels like the Dairy Queen used to hand out for free Dilly Bars (remember those?), fun press kits with neat illustrations and we even got a giant print ad in the Bold Italic's debut print effort highlighting the worst gift in history: the Trojan Horse. I left in 2012 to rejoin Yelp, but as far as I know, Giftly is still operational.

Gifting the new-fashioned way needed an Atomic Age color palette, a warm, inviting feel and some retro illustrations to tie that whole nostalgic feeling all together into one great gifting package. You build and customize your own Gifty to send to your friends, family & frenemies, so I tailored the look to be crafty and DIY as well as vintage looking. All combined it creates double joy for the giver and receiver. Our product manager, Mills Baker and I hammered out the flows for the site.

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